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Getting a Canada Work Permit

Are you wondering how to secure a work permit visa in Canada? Canada has different programs and streams which allow foreign professionals to migrate into Canada and perform in some specific jobs for a limited period of time.

This comprehensive guide to Canada employment opportunities will highlight what your choices are in terms of jobs in Canada, what the rules are, and how long you have to reside in Canada. You must read this article carefully because you are about to make an important decision regarding your future. By the time you finish this article, you will know how to secure a work permit visa in Canada.

How to secure a work permit visa in Canada?

How to secure a work permit visa in Canada is a question asked by many people who wish to immigrate to Canada. Canada has different programs and streams which enable foreign professionals to migrate to Canada to work in some particular jobs for a limited period of time under the condition that they will return to their country of origin after a defined number of years.

This detailed guide to Canada work visa identifies what your alternatives are to work in Canada, if you do require a work permit, how long you have to stay, what the application procedures are, what are your rights as a skilled worker.

If you would like more information on how to secure a work permit visa in Canada please read on.

Application Process for Work Permit Visa in Canada

When applying for Canadian work permits the first thing you should do is research the labor market in Canada. You need to find out what types of jobs are in demand, where these jobs are located, and what skills other Canadians and International workers are hiring.

For example, in a city like Vancouver, there is a lot of construction going on especially around the times of major events such as the Olympic Games. At the same time, there are a large number of IT professionals available as well as doctors and other health care professionals in Toronto.

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It is important to understand that all areas in Canada have a variety of job offers and that certain skill sets are in high demand in certain areas.

Once you have a good understanding of the labor market in Canada, you should proceed to complete an application for a work visa.

Employment History Categories

As with any immigration program, there are two basic categories: employment history and immigration history.

The employment history category involves finding out if you have ever been hired or had an assignment outside of Canada. The second category of history relates to proving your eligibility assessment. Eligibility assessments are based on your ability to pay, your period of residence in Canada, and other details that the Canadian government has outlined for you.

Getting a Job Offer

As part of your application for a work visa in Canada, you will be required to complete a job offer. In the majority of cases, an offer is not required when applying for a work permit in Canada to work for certain occupations. Some occupations that generally require a job offer to be completed include certain professions such as certain occupations in the construction field, certain healthcare positions, certain educational institutions, and certain international organizations.

In order to be granted a job offer, you will generally need to demonstrate your ability to perform the duties required.

If you are considering a position that requires a job offer then you should ensure that you apply to the appropriate provincial government first.

All three levels of government in Canada use the same applications and each one handles the same numbers of applications. Once you have submitted your application to the appropriate office, you can usually wait up to seven days to hear back from them. If you do receive approval from the provincial office, you will then be able to begin your employment process in Canada.

Once you have obtained approval for your work permits in Canada then you can begin searching for a job in Canada. You should ensure that you are advertising your skills so that you can get the most attention.

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